Bonnie started her psychic journey as a small girl, in the little town of Dundalk, Ontario. At the early age of 3 she was already having spirit contact with her guides; Marie Antoinette was her playmate in spirit and was followed by many others on Bonnie’s spiritual journey. At a very tender age she was already predicting events that would happen with great accuracy. She has given messages at the Stump in Lillydale, New York and has also taken many workshops while in attendance there. Bonnie holds Certificates in Rieki, and is also a workshop facilitator offering 4-hour, 8-hour, and 7-week workshops in developing your intuitive abilities, to help you in everyday personal and business affairs.

Bonnie has worked with Police departments across Canada and in the US. In cases on missing persons she uses pictures and items of the person who is missing, and some images come to her as dreams. She has assisted groups doing psychic readings, spirit walks, house blessings, clearing motivational speaking, fundraising, lecturing, and business consulting as a Psychic/Medium.

She holds diplomas in crisis prevention, suicide intervention, living works and has worked as a peer support worker for mental health, operating a drop-in center for those in need. She presently working on her first book. Bonnie resides in Bracebridge, Ontario with her husband John, dog Max, and has two children Amanda and Mike.

Her psychic phone-in line on Cogeco T.V. in Muskoka ran for seven years before Bonnie decided to pursue other actives including writing her own book. She was a regular VIP guest for Lancôme Cosmetics for the Bay Gala’s at Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket.

For a reading with BONNIE, call: 705-801-5728 or e-mail:

Bonnie is also a member of the Muskoka Spiritualist Church in Bracebridge, Ontario. Visit for upcoming events and mediums.

While this is not a scientifically tested result, on average, in 75-80% of my readings my predictions do eventually materialize. While many of my clients report, "Everything you told me came true," it is rare-- and I believe impossible-- to be 100% accurate 100% of the time. This is because the client has free will. My preamble to my readings always includes the disclaimer that what I see is based upon the client's energy and his/her thinking at the time of the reading. The client can, and often does, change his/her mind. (This is often a good thing!) The outcome, therefore, also changes. Or the outcome might be other than predicted because, as I remind my clients, the energy is always right but my interpretation of the nuanced energy might be misconstrued.

What many people don't understand about a psychic reading is that the transference of energy works both ways. In order for the psychic to be able to "see," the client must be willing to "be seen." While the client's physical tiredness or illness does not affect the reading, cynicism, closed-mindedness, distrust and defensiveness will inhibit the psychic's ability to give a clear, flowing, detailed picture.

So the next time you visit a psychic, be aware of your own level of openness before judging the psychic to be "good" or "bad."